Four Reasons Your Oral Health Matters at Every Stage of Life

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Your oral health is critical to living a healthy life. You’ll need healthy teeth and gums to protect your mouth and give you the amazing smile you could desire. Our team of dental professionals at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA encourage you to visit us for a routine dental exam every six months. We want to share four reasons why oral health is essential throughout your life.

1. Your teeth help you eat right

The first reason your oral health matters is that your teeth are necessary to help you eat well. Missing teeth will make it harder for you to eat, as you might struggle to break down foods essential for your health. Your body may not receive the nutrients it requires to stay active and functional when you don’t follow a proper diet.

You may also struggle to enter a healthy routine if you have missing teeth. You won’t feel motivated to eat the healthy foods you need if your smile is incomplete.

2. Prevent blood-related concerns

Gum disease and decay can harm more than your smile. It can also lead to blood-related issues, as bacteria from the mouth area can enter the bloodstream. The blood vessels in your teeth and gums are very sensitive. They could be harmed by many outside threats if not managed well enough.

Periodontal disease is often linked to common problems, like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other blood-related problems. Proper care from experts at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA can help you reduce your risk of developing severe threats to your health.

3. Reduce the risk of pain

Your teeth can experience significant pain if not handled well enough. These pains could come from infections, bleeding gums, or teeth crowding. Your teeth could also experience intense pain if you have wisdom teeth that become impacted.

Orthodontic procedures can work at various ages to correct alignment problems that trigger pain. A root canal may also be necessary for situations where there is an infection in a tooth. Whatever the case, various solutions will be available to keep dental pains from being a threat. You can request many of these solutions during your dental exam.

4. Screen for oral cancer

Regular dental exams can screen for early detection of oral cancer. An exam can review any potential growths or abnormalities. Proper treatment is necessary if these problems are detected. You could develop oral cancer at any age, although you’re more likely to experience the problem when you are older. People who use tobacco are also at significantly higher risk of oral cancers.

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