Can I use a dental scaler to clean my teeth at home?

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Plaque is a sticky film that forms on the teeth when bacteria mixes with acid, sugar, or starch. When it isn’t removed from the teeth, it can harden to tartar, leading to cavities, gingivitis, and tooth loss. Regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings help protect your teeth and teach you about plaque and tartar removal in Chester Springs, PA. An efficient at-home oral hygiene routine of brushing the teeth and flossing with plaque removal at home is an integral part of maintaining your dental health. Learning what a dental scaler is used for can help you understand more about the impact of plaque on your oral health.

What causes plaque and tartar buildup?

Understanding the difference between plaque and tartar helps you know why oral hygiene and regular dental exams, and dental cleanings are important. Plaque begins to form on the teeth up to 12 hours after brushing, which is why you must brush at least twice a day. When you eat, bacteria on your teeth produce acids that erode tooth enamel and can cause tooth decay. Tartar accumulates when plaque isn’t removed and is left to harden. When it isn’t removed, it will become more difficult to remove later. Tartar can only be removed by our dental professionals at Byers Station Dental.

Some of our patients in Chester Springs, PA are more likely to develop plaque, including those with:

  • A high-starch or sugar diet

  • A dry mouth due to antidepressant medications or antihistamines

  • Smokers

What are the main complications of plaque and tartar?

When you don’t brush or floss often enough or properly, you are at risk for different oral health problems, including:

  • Tooth decay

  • Abscessed tooth

  • Infection

  • Periodontal disease

  • Periodontitis

Having regular dental exams with our team helps ensure your oral health remains intact.

What is a dental scaler?

A dental scaler is a handheld device that has a hook or curved blade. It scrapes away plaque and tartar from the teeth. A dentist or dental hygienist uses this special tool after undergoing intense training for scale correction. This equipment is updated, and safety checked regularly. At Byers Station Dental, our team has the skills and experience necessary to use a scaler.

During your dental cleaning, we will first remove any tartar or plaque on your teeth. Our hygienist will use this scaler to perform tooth scaling, which breaks down plaque or tartar without hurting your teeth. After your teeth and gums are clean, your enamel is polished, which removes any stains.

Our dental team does not recommend that our patients use a dental scaler at home. Instead, we suggest you schedule biannual teeth cleanings to remove plaque and tartar effectively at our Chester Springs, PA, office.

Plaque and tartar removal in Chester Springs, PA

Plaque is a key player in the development of tooth decay. If you care for your teeth and gums properly from home and schedule regular dental exams and dental cleanings at Byers Station Dental, you will help maintain your oral health. However, if you suspect that you have plaque and tartar that you need removed by our dental hygienist, it’s important to schedule a teeth cleaning in Chester Springs, PA.

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