Four Things to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

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If you've had a tooth extracted, you'll be given aftercare instructions to ensure healing. However, knowing what to expect in advance is helpful since many patients feel anxious about having a tooth pulled.

Byers Station Dental offers full-service treatment to individuals near Chester Springs, Byers, Ludwigs Corner, Eagle, Lionville, and Exton, PA. Dr. Sheena is skilled in extracting teeth and providing patients with the best experience possible to regain their dental health.

Keep reading to find out what four things you'll need to avoid after getting a tooth extraction.

What does a tooth extraction involve?

At Byers Station Dental, Dr. Sheena performs simple tooth extractions to remove teeth that are visible above the gumline, including damaged teeth or those that interfere with oral health or the ability to chew or speak.

Patients remain comfortable throughout the process with the help of local anesthesia or nitrous oxide sedation. There's virtually no pain involved during the procedure since the area will be thoroughly numbed.

Once your mouth is numbed, Dr. Sheena will loosen the tooth from its socket in the jawbone. You may feel pressure as she rocks the tooth back and forth to ease it out of the jawbone. Sutures may sometimes be necessary to close up the extraction site or promote healing. Finally, gauze will be placed over the site, and you'll be given self-care instructions to help your mouth heal after surgery.

What things should I avoid after getting my tooth pulled?

Dr. Sheena will give each patient personalized instructions based on their unique surgery. However, patients with a tooth extracted will need to avoid four major things after surgery.

1. Avoid: Smoking

Smoking can interfere with healing. The toxins in tobacco can cause inflammation, and both the heat and suction from smoking can cause dry socket, a painful post-operative condition. You will need to refrain from smoking for at least 72 hours after your procedure.

2. Avoid: Spitting

You will need to refrain from spitting for roughly seven days after tooth extraction. Spitting can dislodge a blood clot in the socket and trigger bleeding or dry socket. If you need to spit, it's best to rinse your mouth with water and let the water fall into the sink without propelling it from your mouth.

3. Avoid: Using straws

Any suction after tooth extraction can also dislodge a blood clot and cause dry socket. This also means avoiding things like hard candy that you would suck on. You should avoid suction for at least three days (or until your healing is complete), but waiting a week is typically a good idea.

4. Avoid: Hot and hard/crunchy foods

Soft, cooling foods are best following tooth extractions. Hard foods can damage the surgical site. Cold food can help ease swelling. Other foods you'll want to avoid in the days or week following surgery include popcorn, chips, spicy food, crunchy vegetables, tough cuts of meat that require excessive chewing, and acidic foods.

Get a tooth extraction in Chester Springs, PA

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