How to Know When Not to Wait for Emergency Dental Care

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Dental emergencies can happen at any time and anywhere. When these emergencies occur, it is important to know if and when you should see an emergency dentist. Our expert team services the Chester Springs, Byers, Ludwigs Corner, Eagle, Lionville, and Exton, PA areas. Schedule a consultation with Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA to learn how we can help you with your dental emergency today.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can be caused by damage or injury to the teeth or soft palate of the mouth. These normally occur after a sports injury, a fall, chewing hard foods, or some sort of trauma to your mouth. Not all dental emergencies are painful, but no matter how minor the injury seems, you should contact our office to set up an appointment to help fix any issues. Dental emergencies can be many problems, including:

  • Cracked or broken teeth

  • Infected or abscessed teeth

  • Knocked-out teeth

  • Broken restorations

  • Oral pain

  • Unexplained bleeding

  • Trauma to mouth and jaw

  • Soft palate injuries

These injuries can affect people of all ages, and you should always contact Byers Station Dental to learn how to deal with your specific emergency. Contact Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA to learn more about dental injuries and how to deal with them today.

How do I know if I should go to the dentist or not?

Whenever you experience a dental emergency, you should call Byer Station Dental and speak with an experienced staff member so that we can assess your situation. After we learn more about your dental injury, we can then recommend a treatment plan for you. This may mean you come in right away, or we may schedule you a later appointment date. If you are unsure if you should come in, there are some tips you can follow. You should try to see a dentist as soon as possible if you experience the following:

  • Tooth or gum bleeding that will not spot

  • Severe toothache

  • Swollen jaw or abscess

  • You knock out a tooth (Most teeth are saved within one hour of falling out, so it is important that you get help soon)

This is not a complete list, and if you experience a dental emergency, you can always call our office to help you learn what to do during your injury. If you experience severe trauma to your mouth, jaw, or face, you should get medical attention, and our office can help fix any oral damage after you are stabilized.

Recovery after a dental emergency

Since every dental emergency is unique, recovery is going to be slightly different for everyone. After your appointment with Byers Station Dental, our team may provide you with follow-up instructions to help you care for your teeth and gums. You may also be provided with pain medication to help you through the recovery period. You may need a few follow-up appointments after your initial visit to restore full functionality to your mouth.

Get treated for a dental emergency in Chester Springs, PA

Dental emergencies can be a daunting and painful experience, but knowing what steps to take after your injury, can make it a little less stressful. Our office services men and women in the Byers, Chester Springs, Ludwigs Corner, Eagle, Lionville, and Exton, PA communities. Schedule an appointment with our expert team at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA for your dental needs.

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