My Tooth Hurts When I Bite Down. Do I Need A Root Canal?

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If you’re experiencing tooth pain, it can be from many reasons. These include decay, injury, infection, or damage that results from general wear and tear. So, to find the best treatment option for you, get in touch with our professional team and schedule a consultation in Chester Springs, PA.

We’ve helped many patients conquer a wide range of dental ailments. And we’d love to do the same for you so you can get back to thoroughly enjoying your life without suffering from tooth pain. We also welcome all those in the Chester Springs, Byers, Ludwigs Corner, Eagle, Lionville, and Exton, PA communities to pay us a visit at Byers Station Dental.

We offer various treatments to soothe tooth pain, including root canals

If we confirm that an infection is the cause of your pain, you may require a root canal. Of course, it depends on multiple factors, such as the severity and scope of the infection. If we detect the decay early enough, in its formative stages, your procedure will be more straightforward and less involved. We may be able to fix the problem through a filling or dental crown. However, once the bacteria proliferate and invade the inner portion of the tooth (the pulp), a more extensive procedure may be necessary. Healthy pulp is essential for overall tooth wellness because it contains blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, and other cells.

So, if you suffer from jaw or tooth pain, swelling or pressure in the jaw, or discomfort while eating; experience a pimple-like growth on your gums; or temperature sensitivity, it’s best to seek a professional opinion with our experienced, detail-attentive team. If left untreated, infection and the resultant inflammation and decay can destroy the dental tissues and possibly even necessitate tooth extraction.

Modern root canals are a relatively safe, quick, and simple solution

Additionally, the bacteria may spread further and endanger other parts of your mouth, including the jawbone. And there’s no reason to risk what could become severe dental damage and require a much more involved treatment later on if the problem is allowed to worsen. Pain relief is just a call away, so contact our expert team to explore your options and discover how we can use our unique expertise to help you achieve long-lasting oral health.

But even if you do require a root canal, there’s no need for worry or anxiety. The rapid advance of dental science has made this procedure as safe and simple as ever. We’ll administer nitrous oxide sedation to help you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, and also anesthesia to numb the affected tooth and its surrounding regions. Then, our experienced specialists will carefully access the tooth pulp to eradicate bacteria and remove the infected pulp. Finally, we’ll fill the chamber with a specially formulated substance that provides additional sedative properties and kickstarts the healing process to help you achieve an optimal outcome.

Contact us today for pain relief and long-lasting dental health

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or any of the previously listed symptoms, we implore residents in the Chester Springs, Byers, Ludwigs Corner, Eagle, Lionville, or Exton, PA communities to reach out to us today. Our Byers Station Dental team in Chester Springs, PA are devoted to your health. So, don’t let any worries hold you back from seeking the dental relief you deserve.

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