What Dental Procedures are Covered By My Flex Spending Account?

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A Flex Spending Account can help individuals access the general dentistry services they deserve by providing reimbursement for a wide variety of medical and dental necessities. And since an FSA is classified as a tax-exempt savings account, it does not incur deductions from employment or federal income taxes. So, you can utilize those funds toward what’s truly needed: restoring your oral health and aesthetics at Byers Station Dental.

There’s no reason to hesitate. An FSA is generally a “use it or lose it” benefit, which means that the money not spent during the year does not accumulate.

Therefore, it’s best to be proactive about dental health – both due to the salary-saving function of your FSA and the fact that treatments are more effective and efficient when administered in a timely fashion.

And Dr. Sheena would love to help you prevent future problems in Chester Springs, PA. Don’t wait any longer; contact us today for improved dental health via your FSA funds.

What dental procedures are covered by my Flex Spending Account?

Diagnostic and preventive services: The cornerstone of dental health is a dental exam, which lets our experts evaluate your overall oral health. We can track the progress and status of your dental health, including the teeth, gums, jawbone, and joints, to check for decay or injury, and tease out many issues that may be brewing.

Dental cleanings and other types of preventive care can avert numerous troubles, helping you enjoy long-term health and avoid the hassle, discomfort, and cost of a more serious procedure later.

Treatments, including oral surgery, for various common dental problems: FSA funds can provide interventions for the most common and adverse dental issues. These include gingivitis, or gum disease, which can spread and cause severe decay and even jawbone damage if left unchecked.

Joint disorders can also cause daily discomfort and affect one’s bite, but our treatment services are designed to provide patients with an optimal outcome. Root canals, fillings, and dental reconstruction are also covered.

Tooth extraction: Our goal at Byers Station Dental is to help you hold onto your natural teeth, and dental maintenance is of the utmost importance. Yet sometimes, a tooth must be extracted due to decay, damage, or another reason.

Dentures, crowns, inlays, and onlays: For those who have had a tooth extraction or are missing one or more teeth, we offer a full spectrum of restorative care.

FSAs may vary by employer and provider

It’s also worth noting that some services are not covered by FSAs. These typically include cosmetic procedures, such as veneers and cosmetic orthodontics. Basic toothcare items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss) are also not covered by flex spending.

However, FSA plans vary by provider, so we recommend you reach out to your plan provider and employer to ascertain the details about your FSA coverage. And, as always, we’re more than happy to discuss various options with you.

Use your FSA for long-term dental health

Flex Spending Accounts offer an indispensable opportunity to help fund dental services that can help you attain and maintain top-notch oral health. Dr. Sheena understands the importance of general dentistry treatments and strives to make them as accessible and effective as possible for patients near Byers, Ludwigs Corner, Lionville, and Exton, PA.

Make the most of your FSA, and use it before it’s too late by contacting Byers Station Dental today to schedule your appointment in Chester Springs, PA.

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