What Should I Do If My Child’s Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

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No parent wants to think about their child’s teeth being knocked out for any reason. A dental injury can be frightening, as it can entail bleeding, pain, and general worry about what will happen next.

Our team of experts at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA respect your concerns surrounding your child’s teeth. We will be there to serve your child’s emergency dental care needs, including when your child’s teeth are knocked out.

But what should you do after your child’s teeth are knocked out? Here are a few steps for you to follow to ensure your child’s safety and to preserve their smile.

  1. Be cautious when handling the tooth.

Watch how you handle the tooth after recovering it. Do not touch the root, as doing so may cause damage to the tissue. Hold the tooth by the crown.

  1. See if you can replace the tooth.

You may be able to put the tooth back in the socket. The tooth will be more likely to survive if placed back in within a few minutes after losing it.

  1. Keep the tooth in milk if you cannot replace it yourself.

Storing the tooth in a container of milk will preserve the tissue and prevent damage. The process is necessary when the tooth is too dirty to try and place directly in the socket.

  1. Keep the bleeding under control.

Our team at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA can help review the tooth and the socket and find a solution to keep the tooth in your child’s mouth. Before we can do that, you must watch for the bleeding that may occur following the injury. If you can temporarily replace the tooth in the socket, have the child bite down to keep the bleeding under control. If you cannot get the tooth back in, add sterile gauze over the socket to control the bleeding. Be sure your child bites down on that as well.

  1. Keep a cold compress over the face near the area where the tooth was lost.

Facial swelling can accompany a lost tooth. Add a cold compress over the spot to keep the swelling and pain down. It is easier to care for the lost tooth if the child isn’t feeling as much pain over the issue.

  1. Contact a dentist for your child right away.

We recommend that you contact our team of dental professionals at Byers Station Dental right away if you have a dental emergency. Urgent dental care is necessary for preserving a child’s smile and preventing permanent tooth loss. A dentist can complete an x-ray to review the area where the tooth was lost and see if the socket has been damaged or if a portion of the tooth is stuck in the mouth.

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