Will I Need X-Rays Each Time I Visit the Dentist?

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Dental x-rays can help identify how well your teeth are growing, how your dental roots are functioning, and if there are problems with your jaw. Sometimes, the x-ray procedure can identify potential issues that require treatment. Early detection is necessary for ensuring your oral health.

Our expert team of dental professionals at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA can perform dental x-rays to determine if you require assistance in any form. But the timeframe for when you’ll require dental x-rays will vary surrounding your needs. You may require x-rays if you have experienced any problems with your teeth or gums near Chester Springs, Byers, Ludwigs Corner, Eagle, Lionville, or Exton. PA.

Your first visit

You will likely require a dental x-ray during your initial visit with your dentist. The x-ray will help establish a smile profile where a dentist can see if there are any problems with your teeth or jaw.

The x-ray process will use a digital device and a sensor that you will bite down on. The device will scan the area and produce a thorough smile profile that looks at your teeth and jaw. The practice produces accurate results; plus, the risk of radiation is less than what you’d experience through a traditional film-based x-ray procedure.

After the first visit

You will not require an x-ray during every meeting with your dentist after the first one. But you should get an x-ray every 2 – 3 years on average. The timeframe will be enough to review possible changes that might occur with your smile.

At Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA, our team recommends you visit us twice a year. The timeframe is enough to keep your teeth healthy, although you won’t require an x-ray during every visit.

When would I need additional dental x-rays?

You might require an x-ray more often, although the timing for when you’ll need help will vary over a few points. First, you may require x-rays more often if you are older. Your bone structure will be more likely to become weak as you age, thus requiring additional reviews.

You may also require x-rays more often if you have undergone any recent dental procedures. These include root canals, implant procedures, and other efforts. The x-ray will confirm that you are recovering well from these processes. You’ll require an x-ray before undergoing any of these efforts, as it can create a better view of how well the process can work and what spots require targeting.

X-rays are also necessary if you have a history of tooth decay or gingivitis. The potential for these issues to persist is substantial, so regular checks to see how well you are handling these problems are necessary.

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