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What Is Ridge Preservation?

A ridge preservation procedure from our skilled general dentists can help to preserve your bone and jaw structure following a tooth extraction. This procedure offers several oral health benefits, such as preparing the jaw for a future dental implant and minimizing bone loss after a tooth is lost. It also helps maintain the appearance and structure of your mouth and face after an extraction. To perform ridge preservation (also known as socket preservation) procedures at our state-of-the-art Chester Springs, PA practice, our dentists utilize a specialized bone grafting material to fill the empty extraction socket. This material can help prevent the socket walls from caving inward while promoting the regrowth of healthy tissues within the jaw. If you are having a tooth extraction procedure, contact Byers Station Dental for more on socket preservation and how it might benefit your smile.

Who Is a Candidate for Ridge Preservation?

Adults who need a simple or surgical tooth extraction may be ideal candidates for ridge preservation, especially if they wish to replace the tooth with a dental implant. Similar to teeth, implants need adequate bone support to remain stable in the jaw. This procedure can lessen the bone atrophy that often occurs after a tooth extraction and may prevent the need for further bone grafting in the future. Socket preservation at Byers Station Dental also works to maintain proper bone height and volume, which may help prevent the cheeks from sinking inward and maintain a more youthful facial appearance. Our dentists can review your treatment needs and help you determine if ridge preservation is right for you.

What Is the Treatment Process?

Our dentists perform ridge preservation procedures immediately following a tooth extraction. When you arrive for your visit, your mouth will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Nitrous oxide sedation may also be administered to help you feel more relaxed. After your tooth is extracted, our dentists will begin the ridge preservation process by filling the vacant tooth sockets with bone grafting material. A biocompatible barrier material along with tissue regeneration factors may be incorporated into the extraction site to encourage bone regrowth and offer support to the jaw as it heals. Sutures may then be placed, completing the procedure.

Recovery Following Ridge Preservation

Specific aftercare and recovery instructions will be provided to you following your extraction and socket preservation procedure. You may experience minor swelling or soreness that may be managed with nonprescription pain relievers or cold packs against the jaw. If you experience symptoms like lasting discomfort or uncontrolled bleeding, please contact our Chester Springs, PA practice right away. A follow-up appointment with our dentists might also be required so they can evaluate your healing process, remove any sutures, or determine when you are ready to receive a dental implant.

Insurance Coverage for Your Care

Ridge preservation following tooth extraction procedures may be partially covered under a number of dental insurance policies. Our financial team will contact your dental insurer before your treatment to learn about your benefits and calculate your personal treatment costs. To help make your care even more affordable, Byers Station Dental accepts a variety of convenient payment solutions.

Strengthen Your Jaw With Socket Preservation

Preserving the jawbone structure following a tooth extraction offers an array of benefits for your oral health and physical appearance. Ridge preservation at our Chester Springs, PA facility replenishes bone tissue in empty tooth sockets to strengthen the jawbone and provide future implant support. Schedule a visit with our dentists at Byers Station Dental, and learn if socket preservation is an ideal solution for protecting the health and beauty of your smile!

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