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What Is a Dental Bridge?

Losing natural teeth causes more than just a concern over appearance for many Chester Springs, PA patients. Gaps left by tooth loss can affect your ability to eat and speak properly and can lead to changes in your bite, tooth movement, and other oral issues. Dental bridges are common tooth replacement solutions offered by our general dentists at Byers Station Dental. A bridge is a prosthodontics appliance made of several dental crowns molded together. While each end of the bridge fits over neighboring teeth or a set of dental implants, the middle portion fills the open space with a natural-looking false tooth. Dental bridges are crafted of top-quality materials and can help you regain normal oral function and a beautiful smile in the wake of tooth loss. If you have one or more missing teeth, schedule a visit with our dentists to learn more about your treatment options with a dental bridge.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

A dental bridge may be an ideal tooth replacement option if you have one or more teeth missing within a localized area of your jaw. To place a bridge, the support teeth must be healthy enough to hold the restoration and should be surrounded by healthy jawbone levels and disease-free gum tissue. In some instances, our dentists may recommend replacing missing teeth with an implant-supported bridge. We will assess your mouth during your consultation at our Chester Springs, PA office to help you choose the ideal bridge type (cantilever, traditional, Maryland bonded, or implant-retained) and material (porcelain, metal, or porcelain fused to metal).

How Is a Bridge Placed?

Our dentists will begin the bridge process by numbing the treatment area. Please talk with us about nitrous oxide sedation if you feel nervous about your care. We will then remove a portion of tooth structure from the neighboring teeth so the bridge can fit evenly over the area and take digital impressions of these teeth (or implants previously placed in the jaw). While a dental lab custom-crafts your bridge from these impressions, you will wear a temporary bridge to maintain function and appearance. We will have you return about 1 – 2 weeks later to have the temporary removed and your new bridge bonded to the support teeth or attached to your dental implants.

Caring for Your Tooth Replacement

Our dentists will adjust the fit of your bridge so it is comfortable and secure. After your bridge is in place, you should have an improvement in the function and appearance of your teeth. Our team will show you how to maintain your bridge, including how to brush around and floss underneath the restoration. It is important to maintain a healthy oral environment since decay can develop on the teeth supporting your restoration. If you properly care for it, your bridge may last for several years. Our dentists will evaluate the condition of your bridge and overall oral health when you visit Byers Station Dental for routine dental care.

Will Insurance Cover My Treatment?

Tooth replacement options, like dental bridge restorations, may be covered in part by dental insurance plans. A member of our team will work with your insurance company to determine your benefits and let you know of any out-of-pocket expenses. Byers Station Dental accepts several forms of payment to help make replacing missing teeth as convenient for you as possible.

Complete Your Smile With a Dental Bridge

Replacing missing teeth is important for oral health in many cases, even for those unbothered by the appearance of tooth loss. A dental bridge from Byers Station Dental can fill the space left by a missing tooth and help you enjoy a functional, complete smile once again. For more on how custom dental bridges and other tooth replacement options might benefit your health, schedule a visit with our dentists in Chester Springs, PA.

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